lunedì 29 maggio 2017

Car and motorcycle you can rental now in Manado

We provide Car Rental for Public, Xenia and Motorcycle Honda and we guarantee the car and the motobike is in the good condition for your comfort.

Motorcycle Honda 125
When you rent a car we provide also with the good driver, if you need more information please contact us for more details.

Xenia New Car:
Capacity : 3 to 5 persons
Price : USD 30
Including : Driver (speak english, italian and indonesian)
Excluding : Fuel and Lunch for Driver Guide and all local entrance fee
Service time : From 8 AM to 8 PM
Overtime USD 5 for hours

Motorcycle Rental:
Motobike type : Honda 125 in the good conditions
Price : Rp 150.000 / day (One day use only)
Price : Rp 400.000 / day (Min 3 days use)
Destination : Only Manado, Tomohon, and Bitung area (only North Sulawesi)
Deposit for motorcycle refundable: 200 USD

To drive a car or a motorbike, one needs:
- a SIM A (car) or a SIM C (Indonesian driving license)
- a valid International Driving License and a foreign license emanating from the same country that issued the IDP, which stipulates clearly that the owner can drive a car or a motorbike.
Ideally (and legally) these two documents should be registered at the Police Station of the area the foreigner intend to explore.